Question: What van do you recommend buying?

Answer: We personally specialize in Ram Promasters. They are comparable in price to Ford Transits but they are easier to find because there are more of them produced yearly. Both options are cheaper than the Sprinters.

Question: Do I need a 4×4 or AWD van?

Answer: Though many conversion companies push to have an all terrain van like a Sprinter or the Transit with AWD, it really isn’t necessary. As avid rock climbers we have taken our van to every destination we have wanted. Even up snowy terrain into the Rockies. The only place we couldn’t take it would be jeep roads… but would you really want to take a van with all of your belongings down a rocky road?

Question: Do you need a shower in your van?

Answer: We actually do not recommend having a shower for a few reasons.

  • Showers are plentiful. At a campsite you could get one for free. Others have cheap memberships to a gym for showers.
  • Water consumption: If you are going to be on the road long term you’ll have to locate water regularly which can be a hassle. If you take a shower you will run through your limited water reserve fast.
  • Limited Water Supply: Your tank only holds so much water. When you take a shower you would have to do it more military style, lather up, then rinse, repeat. It won’t make for an enjoyable shower.
  • We only recommend what we ourselves have done. We haven’t built a shower because we didn’t need one ourselves and have heard from so many people who opted for a shower that they hardly ended up using it due to the above reasons.

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