For Sale

For Sale

We are a camper van conversion company based out of Chattanooga, TN and we currently have a 2019 Ram Promaster for sale, completely built out and ready to go. If instead you’d like us to build out a van, trailer, short school bus or something of the likes, check out our build page.

The Bungalow is arguably our best design yet. By installing two swivel seats we’ve turned the front of the van to a sitting area leaving us with a lot of kitchen space and room for a closet to hang our clothes. Also we have two windows for optimal air flow, windows are KEY to keeping your space cool and not stuffy. If you are looking at a lot of vans, look for ones with windows.

Interested in renting it out before you purchase? Check us out on Outdoorsy. If you end up purchasing the van we will subtract the amount spent on renting it.

Rent Now

Price: $77,500

Van info:

2019 Ram Promaster high roof 2500

Milage: 25,000 miles

Driven it cross country with no mechanical issues, everything under warranty still, gets about 18mpg on highways. Has Bluetooth and the back up camera.

Van Build:


400 W Renogy solar panels

2000 W Victron inverter/charger (includes shore power)

One 200aH Lithium Battery

40 amp DC to DC Renogy battery charger (charges van while driving)


-2 Burner Propane Stove

-Isotherm 12v Fridge

-SeaFlow Water Pump

-30 gallons freshwater tank

-4 gallon grey water tank -or- the water drains directly out of van

-ample counter space, counters are butcher block and sealed with Waterlox

-Lagun table for passenger and pop up counter table for driver side

-swivel seats for passenger and driver

-3 overhead cabinets for the kitchen plus storage above the cab

-5 gallon refillable propane tank

-Closet for clothes


-hardwood vinyl floors, life proof, water proof

-plywood subflooring plus a noise cancelling layer

-walls insulated with thinsulate insulation plus reflectix for the windows to insulate the whole van

– FOR AN ADDITIONAL 3K WE CAN ADD:Propex heater for the winter

-Two windows with sliders for airflow in the summer


-Zinus gel memory foam mattress full size

-4 overhead cabinets for storage

-Outlets on either side of bed for charging phones

-Far side of bed has space for drinks with extended wood bed frame

-Swamp cooler AC over the bed

Two bedside lamps

Additional info:

-Shoe box behind the driver chair than can double as an ottoman

-Exhaust fan over kitchen

-Propane and carbon monoxide detectors

-6 overhead LED puc lights on a dimmer switch

-Recessed puc lights over the kitchen

-Garage space with pull out bike storage and pull out gear storage

2 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. Really nice build, question #1 have you loaded two Mtn bikes on the pull out? #2 how do you plan to get this to CO? I ask b/c you have this listed on a CO site? #3 tow receiver? It does not look like it does. Thanks.


    1. Hi Steve, we haven’t tried two mountain bikes. I think it would be a slight modification to get a mountain bike to fit. It would depend on the frame as well. If it’s an XL frame that might be a problem. There is not a type receiver however I’ve heard that U-Haul will add one for about $200. And we post this on multiple cities in order to advertise it. We’ve had a clients come from Colorado, Ohio, and Texas and usually they just fly in and pick up the van and drive it home. For a set fee we will deliver a van. We also do video tours as well. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. -Chelsea


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