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I met Spencer on a cross country trip the summer of 2018. I was from Florida and would be stopping by to see my friend in Boise, Idaho. She ended up introducing me to Spencer on a rock climbing trip.

After climbing Spencer and I sat by the lake and talked about our future hopes and dreams. Turns out, they essentially aligned near perfectly. We both wanted to live overseas, then return and do van life for a few years.

We fell in love hard and fast and within 9 months of dating we moved to China. We had some ups and downs while living there but mostly it really cemented our love.

When covid hit we retuned from overseas after 9 months abroad; we had hoped to live overseas for a few years. We moved home and built our first van together. Originally we had online jobs but after a very short stint of work we both really hated working at a computer all day. So we started dreaming of what we could do instead. We got the idea to start our own van building company. It was a slow process to get this idea off the ground but it has been the best job either of us has ever had.

Why choose us to build your van?

  • Lived experience! We spent about a year and a half living in a van. We know how to make the small space work for you!
  • Complete customization! You choose colors, layout, design. You can be as involved as you would like for the build.
  • Experience! With multiple vans under our belt we know the best products, offer a high powered electrical system and everything you need to go off grid.
  • Customer Care! We do not send you off after you receive the van and never hear from us. For the first few weeks we will check in and help you adjust to off the grid living. We are always a phone call away. If you have questions reach out, once a client always a client.

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