Who We Are

We are Spencer and Chelsea West, a married couple based out of Chattanooga, TN. Our shared passion for the outdoors is what lead us to pursue van life in the first place. We  spend our free time hiking, rock climbing, biking and trail running. For us, van life represents an unparalleled avenue to connect with nature and embrace the freedom it offers.

Why Choose Us?

      • Lived experience! Having spent approximately a year and a half residing in a van ourselves, we possess firsthand experience on optimizing small spaces to meet your needs.

      • Complete customization! Enjoy complete customization with us. From choosing colors and layouts to designing the overall aesthetics, you have the flexibility to be as involved as you wish in the build process.
      • Experience! With multiple successfully completed van conversions, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Our builds feature top-notch products, a robust electrical system, and everything necessary for a seamless transition to off-grid living.

      • Customer Care! Our commitment extends beyond the completion of the van. In the initial weeks post-delivery, we provide check-ins and guidance to help you acclimate to off-grid living. Rest assured, we remain just a phone call away — once a client, always a client. Your questions and concerns are always welcome.

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