The Lounge Mini

Build Price: $40k

This price reflects the minimalist design and the smaller size of the vehicle, this was a 136″ Ram Promaster as opposed to the 159″ Ram Promaster.

The Specs:


  • 400 W Renogy solar panels
  • 2000 W Victron inverter/charger (includes shore power)
  • One 200aH Lithium Battery
  • 40 amp DC to DC Renogy battery charger (charges van while driving)


  • 2 Burner Propane Stove
  • Vitfrigo 12v Fridge
  • SeaFlow Water Pump
  • 30 gallons freshwater tank
  • 4 gallon grey water tank -or- the water drains directly out of van
  • ample counter space, counters are butcher block and sealed with Waterlox
  • Lagun table for passenger
  • swivel seat for driver and passenger
  • 2 overhead cabinets for the kitchen plus storage above the cab
  • 5 gallon refillable propane tank


  • hardwood vinyl floors, life proof, water proof
  • plywood subflooring plus a noise cancelling layer
  • walls insulated with thinsulate insulation plus reflectix for the window to insulate the whole van
  • One window with slider (screen) for airflow in the summer


  • Zinus gel memory foam mattress full size
  • 2 overhead cabinets for storage
  • MaxxAir Fan over the bed
  • Two bedside lamps

Additional Features:

  • MaxxAir fan over kitchen
  • Propane and carbon monoxide detectors
  • 4 overhead LED PUC lights on a dimmer switch
  • Recessed puc lights over the kitchen
  • Ample Garage space

Van Specs:

2016 Ram Promaster, High Roof, 136″


  • Build Price
  • Electrical/Battery
  • Kitchen
  • Floors/Insulation
  • Bedroom

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