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This open plan makes this van feel much more spacious than most vans on the market. We created a layout that allows for two people to cook and move around without feeling too cramped. Often you’ll see a very narrow space where the counters are to the bed. With two swivel seats and a movable ottoman you can relax upfront. We also have two reading lamps over the bed with ample head room to sit up in the bed. We have a slide out rack for bikes and slide out drawers for more gear storage. Also we have two windows with screens that allow for great air flow in the van and a swamp cooler AC over the bed for sleeping.

What’s included

Basic kitchen equipment, linens and bedding, bring your own pillow. For an additional cost of
$40 a day we can provide a cassette toilette. We offer airport pickups as well.


We are rock climbers and hikers and Chattanooga offers plenty of climbing and hiking in the area. There is space for renting bikes and storing them below the bed as well. If you need any recommendations for places to hike, climb and park overnight let us know. Nashville and Atlanta are both very close as well.

Other things to note

No smoking in the van or even near the van unless all the windows and doors are closed. Same with campfires, make sure the van is closed up or it will fill up with smoke.