Consultation Service: $75 an hour (more info below)

Our prices range for a buildout is $40 – $50k

and does not include the van itself. There are a couple factors we look at when we determine the pricing for the van. The area in which prices start jumping up quickly is your electrical system. A basic electrical system is pretty pricy and we actually recommend going with more power rather less. Having electricity in the van is a great feature to have in order to power a fridge and overhead fans as well as any other item that requires charging.

When you go with a smaller battery and less solar you will often find yourself “chasing power” which means looking for ways to get power if you drain your battery bank. For more information on electric we will have a blog post soon that goes in depth on electrical.

Another item we can add to your vans are windows with screens. We personally find this a must have. If you ever have the van in a warm to hot climate it is essential to get airflow in the van. So as you are considering what you would like in your van as you add on more power, windows and other features you will see those prices increase.

It is very daunting looking for a company to build out your van. What we offer is truly customizable vans. Once we start working with a client we go over your wish list and then create a detailed quote for you. Once the build starts we will check in regularly with calls and text or email pictures as we build the van.

Many van companies claim custom built vans but you really just choose one of their layouts and then the rest is taken care of. We allow for you to choose where you would like the cabinet or bench seats. You can be as specific and involved as you want or ask us to build what we think is best. If you take a look at our build profile you will get an idea of the diversity of builds we have.

If you go with an already built out van here are a few things to consider:


If you are looking at purchasing a van that is already built and would like to work directly with us as consultants we charge 75 an hour. The way that works would be getting on a zoom call where we can share our screen and go over some vans you are interested in. We can go over in detail pros and cons for each van, what to avoid in a build and what to prioritize in a build. We can help you determine what you will need. We start by asking a few questions over email about your lifestyle; for example will you live full time or part time in a van, what are your hobbies, do you want to travel with pets, have space to store bikes etc etc. From there we can help you determine the best van that will fit your needs. Also, give us a budget. Can you only afford one hour of consultation? That’s totally fine, we can prioritize what information you absolutely need and help you be as successful as possible when you go to buy.

Be careful who you choose for the build:

We have already heard our first horror story from someone who had their van built by a company offering customization for cheap and did not get even remotely what they asked for. A couple went with a van company located out of Arizona that promised a van build in 30 days for only $24k… dream come true right? Well once that company got their van there was minimal communication. They had promised regular check ins with images, however they got zero pictures or check ins. Instead of 30 days it took 5 months! Instead of a light airy wood stain like they chose, they got a very dark brown interior for the floors, walls and cabinets. Their overhead AC leaked when it rained. The bed was only 5’4″ in length and the guy was 6 feet tall!

So while we do charge more than van companies like that, we offer supreme customer service. We are only working on one van at a time so you have our undivided attention. We highly value honesty and transparency with our company so if anything is not coming out to your standard we can start over. For example I was working with a client and was staining the wood for the ceiling and when I sent pictures it didn’t really match what they were looking for. I sanded it down and put a new stain to match the overall aesthetic they were looking for.

Not only do we offer quality customer service while the van is built we also see you as our client long term. Many times we have clients calling us in order to go over how to monitor the battery effectively because learning how to keep up with the electrical system takes time and we are quick to get back with everyone. We will schedule a video chat and go over anything a client is having trouble with.

We highly value all of our clients and want to offer the most satisfactory product we can. If you have any questions regarding pricing or getting your own personalized quote please email us at:

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